Soccer Betting
Soccer Betting Rules


If the match has been abandoned before the 90 minutes are over, wagers totals and moneylines will be no action. However, there are some exceptions of such an event; the first player to score or the time of the first goal, where the bets will be provided the next/first goal during abandonment, and bets that involve half time but the half time result should be known.
Any postponed or unplayed match which is not played before the expiry of 24hours of the kickoff time will be considered as no action. This is done for settling reasons.

Asian Handicap Betting Rules
The Sbobet Asian handicaps are meant to eliminate the drawing possibility and this reduces the match to only two likely outcomes.

The Asian handicaps are simply applied to make the prices equal. To balance the odds and give both teams similar prices, they should have to vary (from scratch to the total number of goals). 

The underdog in the match will get the positive handicap while the favorite will receive negative handicap. The positive is represented by (+) symbol while the negative by (-) symbol. This handicap will either be added or subtracted from the final score.

In some cases though not very common, you may get number of goals for both teams are equal after the handicap has been applied. It will actual be a push.
When the level of favoritism is between the whole ball and the half ball, the bet will be split between the half ball and whole ball handicaps.

It is very important to read and fully understand all these rules before you start betting. This will help you get more gains and avoid losses. You will also avoid some petty mistakes which may cost you a bet.

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